Blog Complete guide: How to sponsor your husband or wife in Dubai
Complete guide: How to sponsor your husband or wife in Dubai

Complete guide: How to sponsor your husband or wife in Dubai


Requirements to sponsor wife

A resident employed in the UAE can sponsor his wife and children, subject to conditions which include minimum salary of Dh4,000 or Dh3,000 plus accommodation.

Sponsoring more than one wife

A Muslim resident may be allowed to sponsor his two wives, if he meets certain terms and conditions set by the respective GDRFA.

Requirements to sponsor husband

Basic category

A wife may sponsor her husband and children if she is earning a basic salary of Dh3,000 plus accommodation or a total salary of Dh4,000 without accommodation if she is a teacher or in any role in the medical sector.

Other category

For woman employed in other category, she may still get approval to sponsor her family if her monthly salary is more than Dh10,000 and with a special permission from the DNRD.

Note: The prevailing regulations in the UAE do not allow a husband to be employed while he is under the sponsorship of his wife. Therefore, upon securing employment in the UAE, the husband will have to cancel visa and obtain an employment visa from the employer.

Mother sponsoring children

A woman can sponsor her children if she holds a residence permit and her monthly salary is not less than Dh10,000 or Dh8,000 plus accommodation. She should have a valid Ejari tenancy contract for her accommodation. She needs to provide additional documents as stipulated by the respective authority.

Further, she will also need to secure a letter of no-objection or NOC from the husband stating that he has no objections with children staying with mother under her sponsorship. The NOC should also be duly notarised and legalised from the home country. She needs to provide additional documents as stipulated by the respective authority.

A single mother can sponsor her child. The authorities might ask for documents similar to those required to sponsor stepchildren.

Sponsoring children above 18

An expatriate resident can sponsor his daughter/s only if she/they is/are unmarried. He can sponsor his son/s only up to the age of 18. If after the age of 18, the son is studying in the UAE or abroad, he can be sponsored until the age of 21 on providing the proof that he is studying.

However, for his residence visa to stay valid, he has to enter the UAE at least once every six months. The resident will need to place a deposit with the respective GDRFA for his son's visa. The residence visa is granted on a yearly basis, renewable until the person finishes his education.

Sponsoring stepchildren

An expatriate resident can also sponsor his/her stepchildren, subject to GDRFA's conditionswhich include a deposit for each child and a written no-objection certificate from the biological parent. Their residence visas are valid for one year; renewable annually.


Documents Required:

Online application or through a registered typing office

Passport copies of wife/husband and children

Photos of wife/husband and children

Medical clearance certificate for the wife/husband and children above 18

Copy of the employment contract or company contract

Salary certificate from the employer stating the employee's monthly salary

Legalised marriage certificate - attested by UAE authorities (for UAE marriages) or in your home country for spouse sponsorship

Attested tenancy contract, Emirates ID card and labour card

Latest utility bill.

The conditions are subject to change from time to time.